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About Us


Welcome to the Center for Healthy Living and Learning! Serving the Boston community, we offer programs on wellness, spirituality, and ecology for groups and individuals. 

We host transformative experiences. What exactly is transformation? It can be new information, a new experience, or a new insight, all leading to an 'ah ha' moment. By incorporating a variety of stimuli, including music, yoga stretches, dialogue, and an enriching environment, the content of a program can be absorbed, relationships strengthened, and goals achieved.

Be sure to check out our
upcoming events. We will be announcing an exciting calendar of events incorporating yoga, meditation, wellness, nutrition, ecology, and spirituality programs. Please let us know if you have a favorite speaker you would like us to bring to Boston!

Elizabeth Almeida founded The Center for Healthy Living and Learning as an expression of her passion for helping others discover healthier ways of living and being. Having re-located to the Boston-area from Cleveland, Ohio, Elizabeth brings her expertise of event management and marketing from working at River’s Edge, where she helped host world-renowned speakers such as Brian Swimme, Diarmuid O'Murchu, Judy Cannato, and David Whyte. In addition, she coordinated and scheduled the nearly 30 holistic wellness practitioners who taught yoga, tai chi, and meditation classes and offered individual sessions in counseling, spiritual direction, massage, reiki, and cranio-sacral therapy.

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