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Carmela Coughlan


Carmela Coughlan is baker and owner of artisan bakery, La Bella Dolce of Westford. If you have encountered her in her creative baking ministry then you know what a special woman she is. After just a few minutes of conversation, you
feel a deep sense of care and love from her. It is no surprise that her pastries are delicious because her baking is an expression of love for all her customers.


For twenty-five years, social work and urban ministry were her vocation. Carmela has created and directed pastoral programs, outreach ministries and women’s spirituality retreats. She currently facilitates Engaged Couple Seminars, with a focus on relationship-building, in addition to La Bella Dolce and presence at local farmers‘ markets. She holds a Masters Degree in Educational & Pastoral Ministry. Carmela and her husband Tom have three children and reside in Westford.