Exercise & Physical Wellness


Exercising the body is one way to connect the mind with the body and experience increased wellness. The Center for Healthy Living and Learning intentionally chooses exercise programs that incorporate the mindfulness techniques of eastern
practices such as yoga and meditation. ChiRunning and Total Immersion Swimming are two such programs that are growing popularity as
athletes discover that success is more than strength and drills. Posture, fluidity, gravity, core strength, efficiency, and breathing are all important
aspects to improved physical performance. While these programs use ancient mindfulness techniques, they also use the very modern and effective video
recorder to allow you to see your technique!


Nutrition & Eating


Whether you want to fuel your body to run a marathon, reduce your blood pressure, lose weight, or improve your energy level, being mindful of what you eat is an important aspect. Bad eating habits have a variety of sources which
means improved eating habits require different tools for different people. Athletes may be thinking strictly about calories and nutrients. Overeaters may need help slowing down and savoring their food. Physical ailments such as hypertension or diabetes may prompt a dietary overhaul. There are many approaches to healthy eating habits. Click here to read about upcoming programs related to diet and nutrition.

Emotional & Spiritual Wellness


All the exercise and healthy eating habits in the world will be of little use if your monkey mind undermines your best intentions! Meditation is widely known but also misunderstood. There are many forms of meditation, focusing, and other
tools for improved mental clarity and performance. Click here to read about upcoming mindfulness programs.